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Pia Christensen

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top-25Bacon, chocolate, vaccines and Mark Cuban: Those were the topics of some of the most-read Covering Health posts of 2015.

Of course there was plenty of reporting about health reform, the business of health care, medical research and quality of life as the population ages. We also had some important posts addressing special concerns of freelance health and medical writers.

If you find yourself stuck waiting in a line or an airport over the holidays, you might take a look back and see if these posts spark any ideas for your future reporting.

  1. The ACA and patient satisfaction: Does it improve care?
  2. Verghese offers commentary on healing, even when he can’t cure #ahcj15
  3. Study: Little evidence that integrating hospital, physician care improves quality or reduces costs
  4. Does hospice use alone reflect quality end-of-life care?
  5. Despite bacon headlines, reporters got to the meat of the story
  6. Mark Cuban’s bad health advice shows importance of explaining screenings to public
  7. Questioning the wisdom behind removing third molars
  8. Among 23 health insurance co-ops, Maine stands out for its success
  9. Why we still need human relationships in an era of digital medicine
  10. Scientific journals squabble over conflict-of-interest policies
  11. Controversy over blood pressure trial demonstrates danger of relying on press releases
  12. Change to Medicare will shift physicians into value-based payment
  13. Freelancers face unique conflict-of-interest dilemmas
  14. Does UnitedHealthcare’s prior-approval rule mean more ‘mother-may-I’ medicine is coming?
  15. What can reporters learn from the chocolate diet study hoax?
  16. HHS faces daunting challenge in moving away from fee-for-service payment
  17. Reporter finds nonprofit hospital’s suit against uninsured patient was just one of many
  18. Is CMS doing bundled payment for hip and knee replacement all wrong?
  19. SCOTUS decision on teeth-whitening business may hold wider implications for medical boards
  20. Panelists urge journalists to report on how vaccines save lives #ahcj15
  21. 6 tips to find success writing for trade publications #ahcj15
  22. Context, context, context: How journalists can avoid confusing readers with the latest research findings
  23. Experts share realities behind generic, specialty drug pricing
  24. Program uses pharmacists to help manage complex health needs
  25. 2014 winners named in top health journalism awards

Wishing all a good holiday season and Happy New Year!

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