Built on a mission to empower health care journalists.

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It all started in 1997 in Bloomington, Ind., at a health care reporters’ conference.

J. Duncan Moore, a reporter for Modern Healthcare magazine, and Melinda Voss, then a health reporter for the Des Moines Register, organized the initial meeting to create an organization that would serve the unique needs of journalists covering health care.

Team of diverse people talking together.


The Association for Health Care Journalists was incorporated in 1998.

Team of diverse people talking together.


Thanks to a wave of start-up grants and support, the AHCJ held its inaugural national conference in Chicago.

Presidential Candidate Al Gore delivered the keynote address.

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AHCJ published its first reporter’s resource guide, “Covering the Quality of Health Care.”

The guide, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, was widely distributed throughout the United States and exposed Association activities to its widest audience yet.

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AHCJ became a trade association in 2004, with a supporting charitable organization called the Center for Excellence in Health Care Journalism.

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AHCJ serves more than 1,500 members around the world.

Team of diverse people talking together.

The Association’s reach has expanded over the years.

The AHCJ has published resource guides and provided training opportunities through national and international agencies like the Centers for Disease Control, the National Cancer Institute and the World Health Organization.

It also serves as a hub for ongoing industry fellowship programs, including:
  • CDC Health Journalism Fellowship
  • Reporting Fellowship on Health Care Performance
  • International Health Study Fellowship
  • Science-Health-Environment Reporting Fellowship

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