Networking is essential to the work of an independent journalist. It is how you meet fellow journalists with whom you can trade advice and support and link up with editors who can assign you stories. Learn how to network at conferences, set up a local writers’ group and find organizations to help you make connections.

And consider joining AHCJ’s Lunch and Learns, where freelancer members chat about a designated topic over Zoom every third Thursday of the month at 12 PM Central Time. The Zoom link is always the same. The discussions are not recorded, but you can find summaries of key takeaways by clicking on the topic name in the below schedule.

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Tips for finding and keeping accountability partners

An accountability partner can help with workplace isolation. This tip sheet provides pointers for creating, structuring and maintaining an accountability partnership.  

8 ways to land story assignments by attending health journalism conferences

Besides the great learning opportunities offered at health journalism conferences, there are multiple ways to make contacts, glean story ideas and land assignments. Here are some that have worked for me and other freelance writers I know.

Two writers offer tips for setting up a local writers’ group

Two independent writers discuss how their Washington, D.C., writers’ group works, how it has benefited them and offer tips for freelancers looking to start a local group.

Journalism organizations that offer networking, training and more

Here is a list of other journalism organizations that AHCJ members might want to join or follow. They offer an assortment of training, networking, educational opportunities and job listings

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