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With so many applications on the market, it’s difficult to know which give accurate and reliable results. So AHCJ asked members which apps they like and also looked at the recommendations of other journalism organizations, such as the Society of Professional Journalists. Visit the website of each company to find out about pricing plans; there are often several options with differing levels of service. This is not an exhaustive list. If you know of other reliable tools in each category, please email the information to so AHCJ can include them in its periodic update of this resource list.

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Chart Makers


Import data then design a line, bar or other chart. Free version available.


Import data and design a chart. Free tool from Microsoft.


Create data visualizations from its library of auto-updating data feeds. Free trial available.


Create charts, tables and maps from your data. Free version available.


Create charts and maps from your data. Free trial available.


Create data visualizations with this tool from Google. Free version available.


Create infographics from your data. A basic version is free.


Turn your data into graphs and maps. Free version is available.


A free chart making and data visualization app.


Create flowcharts and diagrams with a hand drawn look.


Make a timeline with this free tool from Northwestern University’s Knight Lab.



Keep notes, tasks, and schedule for projects in one place. Use it to scan documents and save web pages.


It makes keeping and using a to-do list like a game.


Useful for organizing citations.


The whiteboard and sticky notes help you keep track of projects.


A tool for organizing projects, with deadlines, reminders, priority settings and a calendar view.


Gather all notes, links to websites and drafts for projects in one place.


Provides personal virtual assistants.

Recording & Transcribing


An app for recording, editing and mixing audio.


This app records the highlights of phone conversations by buffering and then recording and stopping at a tap of a button.

Google PinPoint

This app is part of Google Journalist Studio, a collection of tools for journalists. You can upload audio files for transcription via voice recognition software. 

NCH Software

This company offers a suite of software applications for recording, editing and mixing audio.

No Notes

An app for recording calls on iPhones and Android phones. You also can create an account to have the recorded interviews professionally transcribed.

Record conversations using the Otter app. Otter can transcribe these recordings, live or later, using voice recognition software. You also can upload audio files from other sources for transcription.

This company is strictly about transcribing. It uses humans, and it promises a turnaround time of 12 hours and guarantees 99% accuracy for clear audio.


An app for recording calls on iPhones.


This app transcribes your uploaded audio within five minutes using voice recognition software.


Uses AI to record and transcribe video and audio.

Ubiqus On Demand

formerly Verbal Ink
This service uses humans to transcribe uploaded audio files. It also offers a transcription tool using voice recognition software.

Time Trackers & Bookkeeping

Billings Pro

Track projects and create invoices. Includes a timer.


Free time tracking tool that can be used on a desktop or mobile phone. Paid versions offer more functions.


Bookkeeping software that includes a timer for billing by the hour.


Time tracking site and app with a free trial.


To track time. It’s free but for Apple only.

Insight Timer

A free app for tracking work-life balance.


Personal bookkeeping software.


Time tracking tool with a free two-week trial.

Toggle Track

Free time tracking tool that can be used across devices. Paid versions available with additional features.

Video Editing


Add subtitles and text, add and remove audio and transcribe with this online video editing software.


Create and edit videos for free online.

Web Hosting & Building

This website has reviews of web hosting and web building services.

PC Magazine

In this article, the magazine lists its top 11 picks for website builders.


This online magazine rates 12 website builders.

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