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AHCJ freelancer dishes on her $135K year in new ebook

Jen Miller

Jen Miller

AHCJ member and freelance journalist Jen Miller earned $135,000 from her writing in 2019 and, after posting about it on social media and receiving a positive response, she decided to create a white paper to explain the details to others.

The 30-pager has a solid 11 chapters, including a By-the-Numbers guide to her income and examples (with templates) of how she landed four clients — a mainstream consumer publication (ahem, the New York Times), two B2B publishers, and a health care organization. She includes a “lessons learned” section at the end of each case study, too, to help others replicate her work. Continue reading

Study: Middle-income elders face housing and health care squeeze

Photo: Sebastian Celis via Flickr

The number of middle-income seniors age 75 and older is projected to nearly double over the next decade and likely will continue struggling to find affordable senior housing with supportive personal care services, according to a new study from the NORC research institute at the University of Chicago.

The study, published online in the April 24 issue of Health Affairs, identifies a vast new “middle market” for the seniors housing and care industry. The authors underscore the need for government and private sector actions to ensure middle-income seniors can afford the housing and care they will need. Continue reading

Older women in New York City: Is a crisis coming?

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Older adults are New York City’s fastest growing population. There has been a 20 percent jump in the 65-and-over population since 2005 and the majority (60 percent) of New York’s 1.3 million older adults are women. And many of those women are struggling.

The New York City Council addressed this ongoing but, often unseen, crisis facing women as they age in a Jan. 23 hearing. Testimony by activists, experts and representatives from the NYC Department for the Aging and the Commission on Gender Equity, painted a vivid and disturbing picture of the many economic challenges facing older women in New York City. [A video of the hearing is here]. Continue reading

Chronicling the uninsured: A yearlong look that combines policy, narrative

Bloomberg Health reporter John Tozzi has written a terrific “how I did it” essay summing up a yearlong project on Chronicling America’s Uninsured that really delved deeply into who can’t afford health insurance – or chooses not to pay the high cost – and what they experience.

It’s a powerful combination of policy and narrative in a way we don’t often hear. And he showed that health care and insurance isn’t just beyond reach of the poor or working class. It’s a crisis for growing numbers of people much further up the income ladder. Continue reading

New report paints a grim picture of older women in poverty

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A significant percentage of older women are struggling to stay out of poverty, according to a new issue brief from Justice in Aging.

The report looks at reasons more women are aging into poverty than men, discusses the support systems that are in place to help older women, and recommends ways to strengthen and expand those support systems. Continue reading