Get familiar with alternatives to ACA’s individual mandate

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The Supreme Court this month – probably June 28 but maybe a bit earlier – will rule on the Affordable Care Act.

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The central question is whether the individual mandate is constitutional. If the mandate is struck down, with or without some related insurance market rules, it pokes a huge hole in the 2010 health care law.

We’re going to post a longer, separate item on  what reporters need to understand about the next steps in policy – and how it might play out in the states. But first here are some quick resources on what the policy alternatives might be (short of repealing the law entirely, as many Republicans have proposed).

We start with a GAO report that outlines alternatives, then an insurance industry site, an assortment of articles and a blog post from a very good industry analyst:

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Webcast: To assist reporters who will need to localize the decision and what it means for their states and communities, AHCJ will host a one-hour online roundtable on Friday, June 29, noon ET, to offer suggestions on stories you can pursue right away and in the weeks ahead.

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Get familiar with alternatives to ACA’s individual mandate

AHCJ is committed to helping you cover this milestone decision. For many valuable tips and resources, visit our health reform topic page, compiled by health reform topic leader Joanne Kenen.

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