Webcast: The Supreme Court has ruled. Now what?

06/29/12     webcast

The U.S. Supreme Court
Photo by functoruser via Flickr

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Now that the Supreme Court has issued a decision on health care reform, how do you localize and cover it for your readers, listeners and viewers?

To assist reporters across the country who will need to localize the decision and what it means for their states and local communities, AHCJ will host a one-hour online roundtable of experts to offer you suggestions on stories you can pursue right away and in the weeks ahead. We will help you identify stories that make sense for you as a local or regional reporter.

Participants included:

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AHCJ is committed to helping you cover this milestone decision. And for many valuable tips and resources, visit our health reform topic pages, compiled by health reform topic leader Joanne Kenen.

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