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Can integration, tech support boost mental health access?

The physical and emotional toll of the multiple and seemingly endless tragedies that have happened in recent weeks are shining a light on the urgent need for better access to mental health care.

The hurricanes in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have left thousands devastated and displaced. Continue reading

Hurricane Harvey proves to be test for telehealth services

With clean-up efforts underway in the Houston area in the aftermath of devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, those affected by the storm will have access to medical providers from all over the country via telehealth.

Satisfaction and acceptance of telehealth by Harvey survivors could drive further adoption of online health services. Harvey is a big test of telehealth reach that we’ve not seen before. Continue reading

Health system disaster preparedness and data backup: Are hospitals in your community ready?

Photo: National Weather Service

As the humanitarian crisis brought by Hurricane Harvey continues to unfold in Texas and Louisiana, health reporters are filing valuable stories on how hospitals in the region are holding up amid the devastating floods and displacement of thousands of residents.

You can read about how hospitals are coping in the Houston Chronicle, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Modern Healthcare and others.

Procedures and protocols put in place in Houston-area hospitals in recent years are being tested to the limit right now. Beyond hospital capabilities, displaced residents who fled rising waters in their homes are, in some cases, telling journalists they are without needed medications.

Continue reading

Telehealth back in the spotlight

On Thursday, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, M.D., and President Trump announced three initiatives to expand telehealth and mobile health services for veterans.

The announcement is notable because the initiatives remove some longstanding roadblocks to wider adoption of telehealth services. The VA has the largest telehealth program in the country, with an estimated 700,000 veterans using telehealth last year. Continue reading

Telehealth gaining wider acceptance but hurdles remain, say #AHCJ17 panelists

Telehealth is a field that is moving towards widespread acceptance, so agreed a panel at Health Journalism 2017 in Orlando.

Many hospitals have some form of telemedicine these days, so covering the topic in a fresh way can be challenging. Continue reading