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Understanding the health care debate among Democratic candidates

puzzleFor better or for worse, health care continues to dominate the Democratic primary. If you’re having trouble understanding precisely where each candidate stands, you aren’t alone. It sometimes seems they aren’t quite sure either.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, of course, are the most prominent advocates of a “pure” single-payer coverage system called Medicare for All. It would ban private insurance and significantly overhaul the current system within a few years. (Warren also has an interim coverage plan before Medicare for All). Continue reading

Mayors pledge to encourage age-friendly cities

Photo: The B's via Flickr

Photo: The B’s via Flickr

Making cities more age-friendly means getting those in charge on board with the idea. The Milken Institute is asking mayors throughout the United States to pledge to make their cities welcoming environments for older adults to age in place.

So far, some 150 mayors of cities of all sizes have promised to support neighborhoods that promote inclusivity and are sensitive to the physical, social and economic well-being of older adults. Continue reading

Projected increase in health spending poses dilemma for policymakers

Photo: Doyle Saylor via Flickr

The aging population is a key driver of increased health spending, according to a new report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Total health care spending growth is expected to average 5.8 percent annually from 2015-2025, but population aging is anticipated to contribute to faster overall growth in national health spending from 2020 to 2025. However, projected spending growth remains lower than the average over previous two decades before 2008 (nearly 8 percent). Continue reading

What reporters should know about GOP proposal to replace Obamacare

Photo: Charis Tsevis via Flickr

Photo: Charis Tsevis via Flickr

“Across state lines.” That’s shorthand for what many GOP politicians see as part of an acceptable replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

They see the approach as reducing barriers, so insurers can base themselves in one state, but sell in other states without having to include all the coverage mandates and benefit rules in those other states. Continue reading

Covering health care quandaries in an anti-immigrant campaign year

Photo: Living-Learning Programs via Flickr

Photo: Living-Learning Programs via Flickr

Here’s a story worth looking at in the states, particularly in the midst of a pretty heated campaign season: health care for those living in the United States without legal permission.

The Affordable Care Act, as you may remember, did not cover people living in the country illegally (though some conservatives insist otherwise). In fact, they can’t even buy a plan in the ACA exchanges with their own money – with no subsidy. (They can purchase insurance outside the ACA with their own money, and some who are employed do get covered through jobs, although there is some disagreement over how many.) Continue reading