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How to ramp up your coverage of teen pregnancy health risks

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Photo by Marina Gr via Pexels

Pregnant teenagers face unique health risks compared to their older counterparts because, for one thing, their bodies are still developing. Research has shown that very young mothers have higher odds of having eclampsia, postpartum blood loss and other complications. It seems likely that limits on abortion access across the U.S. may have long-lasting effects on the health of generations of expectant adolescents. 

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More data needed on disparities
in patient safety research, experts say

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U.S. Navy patient safety training. Photo by Macy Hinds | Public domain photo

A growing body of research shows a link between gender, race and ethnicity and unsafe patient care, but some experts say more comprehensive patient data are needed to better understand why certain groups are more likely to be harmed by medical error. 

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Report exposes worrisome health trends in Black and Indigenous women of childbearing age

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Image courtesy of The Commonwealth Fund

If policymakers don’t work to mitigate the detrimental effects of laws that limit American women’s health services, they will exacerbate already poor outcomes resulting from persistent inequities in social determinants of health that are driving demographic disparities. That’s one of the takeaways from a recent report by The Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit research institution that focuses on health care policy and practice research. 

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Poll: Lack of online medical accounts for seniors could affect COVID vaccination scheduling

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With most major health systems using patient portals for scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations, many older adults may need help setting up accounts. This situation is considered especially true for those older people with lower incomes and education levels, according to data from the National Poll on Healthy Aging at the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation.

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Study shows food insecurity still common among many older adults

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Food insecurity — when people lack access to food or go hungry due to poverty or other challenges — remains a serious problem for many older adults. A new study finds that more than 25% of people with both Medicaid and Medicare, the dual eligibles, said they were food insecure. Among all older adults in the survey, food insecurity was most common (6.2%) in those 75 to 84; it was least common (4.8%) in adults 85 and older.

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