Making sense of how the new tax bill will impact health care

Photo by Sean Stayte via flickr.

The House and the Senate both have passed tax bills which have provisions that will deeply affect health care, ranging from the repeal of the individual mandate to repeal of a tax credit meant to help businesses comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Since the bills are not identical, the final legislation must first be negotiated in a conference committee. Not all the provisions will survive, although the final bill most likely will more closely resemble the Senate version, which includes repealing the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

We have created a tip sheet on the health provisions at stake. Here are a few other reads if you want to dive deeper:

  • Health Affairs: Tim Jost wrote about how the Murray-Alexander stabilization bill – if enacted – won’t undo the damage caused by repeal of the individual mandate.  (scroll down, the first few graphs are about contraceptive coverage, but then it turns to cost-sharing reduction subsidies and the mandate)
  • Julie Rovner at Kaiser Health News looks at key health provisions (some of which were modified right after her piece was posted).
  • Harris Meyer at Modern Healthcare looks at the business impact, particular on hospitals and the muni bonds they use to access capital.
  • For a rousing defense of the legislation, and its potential for stimulating economic growth, here’s one from Heritage Action.

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