Resources can help reporters cover ACA implementation

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Today I have a quick post to share a few health journalism resources, other than AHCJ’s own health reform core topic area, that may help you down the final leg of implementation of the Affordable Care Act:

Reporting on Health is a program of the USC Annenberg Center and the California Endowment. It touches on a range of health issues – including materials and examples of good work for those of you on the health reform policy beat or tracking developments in your state. It’s a bit California-centric, for obvious reasons, but still a lot of helpful material and sources.

The Columbia Journalism Review‘s Second Opinion project is spearheaded by former AHCJ president Trudy Lieberman. I’ve particularly liked the pieces on state exchanges.

Web Md has regular updates on health law implemention,  including Health Reform 101 from AHCJ member Lisa Zamosky.

And The Wall Street Journal  has a new ACA rollout page, including a primer on some of the law’s key features.

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