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Biden’s executive orders reopen ACA exchanges, initiate review,  amid pandemic

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Photo: Chris Zúniga via Flickr

President Biden took a big step to aid those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic and their employer-sponsored health insurance ordering the federal marketplaces under the Affordable Care Act to reopen on Feb. 15 for a special three-month enrollment period.

Biden’s orders and his comments are online at WhiteHouse.gov. Continue reading

A check-up on the status of the health exchanges

Remember when Sen. Susan Collins, Maine’s moderate Republican, predicated her vote for the Senate tax bill that included the repeal of the individual mandate on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s promise to her that the Senate would vote on two ACA stabilization measures?

Those bills did not make it into short-term spending bill at the end of 2017, nor the last month’s short-term spending bill. We aren’t holding our breath that they will be in the next bill, or the one after that. To recap: Continue reading

ACA dates to add to your coverage calendar

enrollmentThe fourth open enrollment season of the Affordable Care Act – for coverage in 2017 – begins on Nov. 1.

Here are four key dates to remember: Continue reading

What’s behind dramatic differences in Medicare Advantage, ACA enrollments?

money-and-medicineMedicare Advantage enrollment is soaring, defying expectations after $150 billion in spending cuts over a decade that were part of the Affordable Care Act. The Congressional Budget Office expected about a 30 percent falloff – but enrollment has risen by 50 percent to more than 17 million people.

The ACA exchange enrollment is way under expectations. About 12.7 million people signed up this year – and not all will pay their premiums and stay enrolled. The CBO had forecast 21 million for this year. Continue reading

D.C. chapter learns how ACA affects craft brewery, other small businesses

Photo: Phil Galewitz

Photo: Phil Galewitz

About 25 Washington, D.C., area journalists met on Sept. 30 to learn about how the Affordable Care Act was affecting a local brewery and discover how the district’s health insurance exchange was working to help such small employers gain coverage for their employees. Continue reading