45 nursing homes added to CMS program to improve care

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On Jan. 20, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released the most recent list of nursing homes in its Special Focus Facility Initiative. These are homes that have a history of serious quality issues and are in a special program to improve their quality of care.

The initiative is intended to address nursing homes that cycle in and out of compliance. Homes in this program are visited by survey teams twice as frequently as other nursing homes. This list includes nursing homes added to the SFF initiative and updates the status of homes already in the program.

As far as we can tell, CMS only released the information as a PDF, making it more difficult to search, but AHCJ has posted the list as a series of web pages and has made them available to download as Excel spreadsheets.

The list of nursing homes recently added to the program includes 45 facilities in 24 states. You also can check on the status of homes that have been taking part in the program, including the 62 that have shown improvement, the 49 that have not, the 31 that recently graduated from the program and the four that are no longer participating in Medicare and Medicaid.

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