Health series tries to reach those often left out

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Kate Dailey of Newsweek has teamed up with Public Radio International for a 10-part series, “DIY Checkup: Taking Control of Our Health.” The project looks at “what people can do to live better, no matter their genetics, history, or economic status.”

Dailey, in a blog post about the series, recognizes that some of the standard pieces of advice, such as going to the gym for exercise or eating fresh fruits and vegetables, are not relevant for significant parts of the population. People who work on their feet all day and people who live in food deserts are not getting the messages in a way that make them relevant to their lives.

As Dailey says, “the language that doctors and journalists often use to talk about personal health often leaves many people out.”

Part one of the series lists things people can do to significantly improve their health. Listen to part one:

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