Covering Health: First year’s most popular posts

With a year of posts behind us, we thought it would be a good time to look back and see what posts proved to be the most popular – or at least the most read:

  1. Lewin group linked to private insurers
  2. Autism news raises question: When is an embargo not an embargo?
  3. Hensley joins NPR’s expanding health team
  4. Report: $25,000 buys access to Post’s health reporters
  5. CDC monitors H1N1 swine flu-human reassortment
  6. Oransky to take helm at Reuters Health
  7. Top N.Y. neurosurgeons suspended, sued
  8. Pharma industry still finding its way in social media
  9. Hospital says it gives content to short-staffed media
  10. Kuklo scandal spotlights DoD/Medtronic ties
  11. ‘Playing through’ concussions is damaging
  12. Where to find the facts on health care reform
  13. CBS questions CDC’s H1N1 prevalence estimates
  14. VA officials seize reporter’s audio recording
  15. Oprah’s health advice needs a shot in the arm
  16. Autism and vaccines: A failure to communicate
  17. Will pharmacists play a role in H1N1 vaccinations?
  18. Covering Obama’s stance on stem cell research
  19. Appleby to report for Kaiser Health News
  20. Prevention vs. treatment in global health
  21. FDA staff calls for end to corruption, wrongdoing
  22. Mentally ill patients, elderly mix in nursing homes
  23. Three health-care issues Obama, Congress will face
  24. Jost discusses consumer-driven health plans
  25. Tim Tebow’s head fuels concussion debate

1 thought on “Covering Health: First year’s most popular posts

  1. Ivan Oransky

    Congratulations to Pia Christensen, Andrew van Dam, and all of those who have contributed to Covering Health. Thanks to their efforts, it’s been a year of scoops, curation, context, and everything else you would expect from a top-notch blog.

    But don’t just take the words of someone whose name appears at #6 on this list (speaking of the kind of full disclosure Covering Health would demand):

    “a good place to find out what our colleagues are writing, to get story ideas, sources, and help, and links to other articles you might have missed”

    Kudos, and keep up the great work!

    Ivan Oransky
    Executive Editor, Reuters Health
    Treasurer, AHCJ Board of Directors

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