Appleby to report for Kaiser Health News

After 10 years at USA Today, where she covers the health care industry for the business section, Julie Appleby has taken a position as senior correspondent for Kaiser Health News, a new, independent news service that will provide coverage of health policy issues.

The new service is funded by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation. Stories produced by KHN will be provided free to newspapers around the country and will appear on a KHN Web site, which will go live later this spring.



Appleby, a member of AHCJ’s board of directors, will report on the health care industry, state and national efforts to change the U.S. health system, ways that consumers and employers try to deal with rising costs and other topics.

“More than ever, readers need insightful coverage of the complex and contentious debate over how to solve the quality, cost and access problems facing the U.S. health system,” Appleby says.

“I’m thrilled to join the team at KHN to help do just that. I believe that foundation-funded news organizations (ProPublica in New York is another example) hold great promise to help preserve quality journalism.”

Appleby joins an experienced team of journalists, including Laurie McGinley, formerly of The Wall Street Journal; Peggy Girshman and Mary Agnes Cary, both formerly of Congressional Quarterly; and John Fairhall, formerly of The Sun in Baltimore.

AHCJ reported on the formation of KHN and a project in California that is blending foundation support with experienced journalists. To read more about KHN and foundation-supported journalism, here’s a story from The New York Times.

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