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Listen up: AHCJ compiles list of health-related podcasts

The universe of podcasts is expanding, with a growing array of choices for health and science journalists eager to absorb new topics, inspiration and trends in storytelling.

Some podcasts focus on a single topic, unfolding a dramatic storyline in a series that has already debuted but is timeless and still worth listening to.

Others are up-to-date with new episodes being produced on a regular basis. Continue reading

Public health podcasts explore infectious disease concerns

If you are covering infectious diseases and looking for ways to prioritize your story planning, consider scrolling through the list of podcasts hosted by the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO).

NACCHO represents public health officials throughout the country and its bi-monthly podcasts, hosted by Ian Goldstein, the organization’s government affairs specialist, touch on some of the most pressing infectious disease problems that keep top public health officials up at night. The concerns range from stemming the increase in sexually transmitted diseases to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance to a rise in Hepatitis A outbreaks. Continue reading

Health podcasting: How to turn your in-depth health story into an audio narrative or series

An estimated 48 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, according to a 2018 survey from Edison Research, with the average consumer listening to seven different podcasts a week. So, the time is ripe for you to set up a mic and start your own health care podcast.

On Thursday, the Health Journalism 2019 panel, “Health podcasting: How to turn your in-depth health story into an audio narrative or series,” taught attendees just exactly how to do that.   Continue reading

More health care podcasts to add to your listening regime

Photo: Matthew Keefe via Flickr

Last year we drew your attention to a growing boom in health care podcasts. Time for an update.

Please note that this is partly crowdsourced – I don’t have time to listen to all of them! Email me your favorites, and I may add them to the next update. Items with a “*” are either additions from the first list, or have been updated. Also included are podcasts that may primarily focus on overall domestic policy but dip into health policy or public health topics often enough to be a worthwhile listen. So in no particular order: Continue reading

Tuning in to health care with the podcast boom

Photo: Matthew Keefe via Flickr

Photo: Matthew Keefe via Flickr

Podcasts are all the rage, so we’ve been collecting some health policy-related ones for you. Some of these regularly tackle health policy, some dip into it once in a while (but smartly) and others are geared more toward science and medicine.

Some of you who contributed suggestions noted that a few popular general podcasts (such as On Media and Fresh Air) aren’t health-focused but sometimes have good episodes, respectively, on media coverage and interviews with authors of health books. Continue reading