Listen up: AHCJ compiles list of health-related podcasts

The universe of podcasts is expanding, with a growing array of choices for health and science journalists eager to absorb new topics, inspiration and trends in storytelling.

Some podcasts focus on a single topic, unfolding a dramatic storyline in a series that has already debuted but is timeless and still worth listening to.

Others are up-to-date with new episodes being produced on a regular basis.

Still others are in the planning stages and have yet to drop, giving health journalists and other audiences the promise of something to look forward to.

Dan Gorenstein, an AHCJ member formerly of Marketplace’s radio broadcast, is among the health care podcast pioneers working on getting a new one started.

With grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the California Health Care Foundation, Gorenstein is planning a fall launch for a health policy podcast called Tradeoffs. (Listen to the trailer here.)

“I’ve been reporting on health care for years and here’s what I know about our system,” Gorenstein says. “It’s costly, it’s complicated and – a lot of the time – the system? It’s counterintuitive.…

“The truth? It’s hard to fix our health care system, in part because every proposal to cut drug prices, tackle opioids or expand insurance comes with tradeoffs.”

Gorenstein is planning to confront the topic using data and evidence.

While we wait for new podcasts such as Tradeoffs to drop, or newly fashioned podcasts to make their debut (Undark is unveiling a remake), we have compiled a list of relevant podcasts for health journalists. A rotating list can always be found on Covering Health or you can see the full list here.

We invite members to help populate this list by submitting their own favorites in the comments section.

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