Use these COVID-19 clinical trial trackers to keep up with research

The Cytel/Gates Foundation’s Global Coronavirus COVID-19 Clinical Trial Tracker, as of April 14.

It can be exhausting to keep up with who is testing what in the race to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and treatments for the disease it causes, COVID-19. More than two dozen vaccines are under development, and dozens of trials are underway to investigate whether any experimental or existing medications, such as hydroxychloroquine, can be repurposed to treat COVID-19 patients.

This April 4 Medscape article, for example, features a table of more than 50 clinical trials for COVID-19. But that’s only a selection of trials and undoubtedly will become dated quickly. But several online trackers can make it at least a little easier to keep tabs on the big picture.

The sites below each have trackers for clinical trials related to COVID-19. It can be unclear in some cases a study is complete, and some trials may have inadvertent bias depending on who is collecting the information and how. But monitoring all of them may make it easier not to miss a trial:

Check out this new tip sheet on covering preprints about coronavirus research, as well as other resources on AHCJ’s COVID-19 topic page.

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