Advocate talks about progress on patient safety, offers story ideas

Lisa McGiffert

Lisa McGiffert is best known by journalist, health provider organizations and regulatory agencies, as the former director of the Consumers Union Safe Patient Project, an effort sponsored by Consumer Reports magazine.

In my years of reporting on health, she always seemed to know exactly what was going on in my state regarding quality of care improvement efforts.  If she didn’t, she knew who I should call.

Last year, McGiffert started a new chapter in her life, as the co-founder of the Patient Safety Action Network, which a few months ago was designated a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

She has been instrumental in shaping numerous policies and procedures, and helping to encourage patients and consumers to have a voice in efforts to improve transparency and quality of the medical services that we all pay so dearly to have.

I spent several hours talking with her by phone, so I’ll let her tell her story for you as she did for me.  This Q&A was edited for clarity and brevity.

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