Check out this oral health reporting advice from an ‘investigative nutritionist’

Mary Otto

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Mary Otto, a Washington, D.C.-based freelancer, is AHCJ's topic leader on oral health and the author of "Teeth: The Story of Beauty, Inequality, and the Struggle for Oral Health in America." She can be reached at

Photo: Adam Rose via Flickr

Photo: Adam Rose via Flickr

Registered dietician, syndicated radio host and self-described “investigative nutritionist” Melinda Hemmelgarn has given a lot of thought lately to dental care and oral health.  A recent episode of her public radio show, Food Sleuth, features an interview with Jane Grover, a dentist and director of the American Dental Association’s Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations.

In the interview, Hemmelgarn and Grover also discussed useful tips for maintaining oral health including good brushing habits and the foods that are more harmful to teeth.

Food Sleuth airs weekly Hemmelgarn’s home public radio station, KOPN, in Columbia, Mo., and also is picked up by the Pacifica radio network. The half-hour show delves into a wide range of oral health topics, including access to dental care; the importance of community health centers in providing care in underserved communities, the role of dental care in chronic disease prevention and the dental insurance gap faced by millions of Americans.

Reporters looking for fresh ideas on the oral health and social determinants of health beats might want to tune in. In addition, Hemmelgarn has created for AHCJ members this new tip sheet.

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