Thousands face Friday deadline to document citizenship, immigration status for federal marketplace

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Friday is the deadline for some 350,000 people who have yet to document their citizenship/legal residency for their health insurance through the federal exchange to get the information submitted and verified or face losing insurance at the end of this month.

It would be a good time to check with health, enrollment and immigrant advocacy groups in your community to see what kind of obstacles they are facing (technical, language barriers, poor communication, confusion) and what steps they are taking to meet the deadline. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services says it has been trying to reach the affected people by email, mail and telephone. Immigration advocacy groups say that the outreach has left a lot to be desired and people are having trouble getting problems sorted out.

Don’t assume that the people at risk of losing coverage are undocumented or ineligible; several hundred thousand who had immigration questions have already been cleared. As CMS said earlier this summer:

A citizenship or immigration data matching issue can happen when the information reported in a consumer’s application, such as a Social Security or Permanent Resident Card number, is incomplete or different than the information the government has on file. A data inconsistency does not necessarily mean there is a problem with an individual’s eligibility for enrollment; it means that additional information is needed to verify the information provided in an application. However, if these supporting documents are not received, health insurance plans will be terminated in order to ensure program integrity and protect taxpayer dollar.

The affected families and individuals could try again when the next enrollment season starts in mid-November, but it still leaves them with a coverage gap. Look into what kind of outreach will be done.

Here is the CMS announcement about the deadline, consumer assistance options, and steps people must take.

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