Send us examples of explaining complexities of health reform on TV

I know firsthand how hard it is to explain something like an Accountable Care Organization in a 2,500-word magazine piece. I can’t begin to think how difficult it would be in a 3-minute local television news segment.


Joanne Kenen

My posts on this blog have usually highlighted print (or online equivalent) or public radio pieces. But I’d also like to highlight some good local television reporting on health reform – or address some of the obstacles (and solutions) that TV reporters face in exploring health reform.

So if you have done good work or seen good work – or if you have any ideas or thoughts worth sharing with AHCJ colleagues, email me at or find me on Twitter (@JoanneKenen) and maybe I can use it in a future post.

Kenen is AHCJ’s health reform topic leader. She is writing blog posts, tip sheets, articles and gathering resources to help our members cover the complex implementation of health reform.

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