Why are some patients stuck in hospitals for weeks, months?

Yanick Rice Lamb

Yanick Rice Lamb

Patients typically complain about being released from the hospital sooner than they would like. So Yanick Rice Lamb, associate publisher and editorial director of Heart & Soul magazine,  became intrigued when when she heard about patients languishing in hospitals weeks and even months after being medically ready for discharge. This can happen to uninsured and underinsured patients who need long-term care.

This could potentially happen to anyone who loses a job and the health coverage that came along with it. Rice Lamb found that delayed discharge was an underreported topic and information was fragmented and spotty, at best.

Find out what she learned from her 10-month look at this narrow slice of the population – the sickest, poorest and most invisible patients. She includes an extensive list of story ideas and angles for other reporters to look into. AHCJ members, read more …

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