Health IT moves forward, regulation doesn’t

Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz report that while the Obama administration plans to create a digital medical file for every American by 2014, “the administration has established no national mandatory monitoring procedure for the new devices and software. That no process exists to report and track errors, pinpoint their causes and prevent them from recurring is largely the result of two decades of resistance by the technology industry, a review of government records and interviews by the Huffington Post Investigative Fund shows.”

Major HIT malfunctions continue – they focus on one of 10 hospitals in the Trinity Health System in the upper Midwest – and nobody has a grip on their location or frequency. Meanwhile, the administration has issued regulations for HIT implementation that make no mention of safety and quality standards, standards the FDA has been considering for some time.

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    Such regulations will come with time, and unfortunately probably later rather than sooner, but it is hard to expect compliance from the get go and still be able to have vendors and medical administrators know exactly what they need. Its only fair to expect a phased in approach with numerous iterations to get to something that will work most effectively.

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