Neurosurgery conference ditches paper for iPods

The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Stacey Burling reports that neurosurgeons will be skipping the paper for their next meeting, relying instead on iPod Touches pre-loaded with conference materials.

touchReading on the iPod Touch. Photo by Ben Kraal via Flickr

It will be only the second conference to have done so (a group of Canadian filmmakers was the first). Registration fees were hiked by $100 to cover the cost of the devices, and local Apple staff will be on hand to answer questions. Burling describes the process:

When they register at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons meeting, the doctors will be given iPod touches already loaded with everything they’ll need, including the program (165 pages last year), summaries of research presented at the meeting, advertising and information from exhibitors. Doctors will be able to use the iPods for messaging and for interacting with presenters during meetings. The convention also attracts 3,500 exhibitors and guests who will not be given the devices.

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