ProPublica: How will reform apply to individuals?


Photo by jayKayEss via Flickr.

Olga Pierce, one of the keepers of ProPublica’s Eye on Health Care Reform page, is starting a series on how health care reform will specifically affect certain groups of people. Her first installment considers the plight of the uninsured and unemployed. Using a 41-year-old unemployed secretary and single mother from California as her example, Pierce shows how the maze of tax penalties and subsidies would play out at the ground level.

Pierce got the Californian’s story from ProPublica’s “How (if at all) has the health care system failed you?,” a survey which was created in collaboration with American Public Media’s Public Insight Network. The Public Insight Network is a database of about 70,000 people who have agreed to allow American Public Media to ask for their advice and insights on certain stories.

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