They gave us Part D, now protect it from reform

ProPublica’s Olga Pierce reports that at least 25 of the folks who helped push through pharma-friendly Medicare Part D six years ago are back as lobbyists,and this time they’re fighting to make sure the plan isn’t reduced by reform-related budget cuts.

Photo by sean dreilinger via Flickr.

Pierce’s piece can be divided into three sections, each illuminating and alarming in its own way: How this crew of insiders pushed the envelope to force through Part D in 2003 (Hint: A legendary abuse of the legislative process helped), how they’ve returned and who’s paying them (see a nifty chart of those connections here), and what they’re up to this time around (more of the same, only this time they’re wealthier).

Alongside Pierce’s story, she and ProPublica have launched “Eye on the Health Care Reform,” a feature in which Pierce will keep up with the reform effort’s legislative journey.

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