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Digging into a buzzed-about supercomputer

Photo: ibmphoto24 via Flickr

IBM enjoyed positive PR on its cancer treatment adviser, Watson for Oncology, until two reporters for Stat looked into whether the results matched the buzz.

Casey Ross and Ike Swetlitz describe in a new “How We Did It“ piece that they initially got interested in IBM Watson because there were “a few chinks in the narrative“ the computing giant had been telling. Notably, one big cancer center had scrapped its project with IBM. Continue reading

Summit of tech giants takes on the cloud and improving patient data interoperability

At a developer conference hosted at the White House last week, six of the biggest tech companies issued a joint statement in support of health IT interoperability. It’s another sign that tech behemoths are serious about taming the vast and often unmanageable health data ecosystem – and getting their piece of it.

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Sluggish growth in health IT and other 2017 predictions

Image by Michael Sheehan via flickr.

Image by Michael Sheehan via flickr.

It’s time for annual predictions for health IT, and it’s no surprise that some are expecting slower growth this year as health providers focus resources on shifting winds expected for insurance coverage and reimbursement.

Black Book Market Research’s nine health care tech trends, drawn from surveys of health care executives, suggests “the brakes being pumped on advanced software acquisitions due to political and funding uncertainty that is menacing long term strategies….” Continue reading

Tips on covering how health care providers use ‘cloud computing’

cloudMaybe you’ve seen the meme “There is no cloud… it’s just someone else’s computer.” It’s been circulating on the Internet for a while. You can have a laugh over the variations here (GoT, Star Trek, the Matrix).

In a new tip sheet, I give an overview of cloud computing, how health care entities are using it and why the cloud is increasingly important to the health sector. Continue reading