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An early look at president-elect Trump’s positions on health care

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Photo: Matt A.J. via Flickr

Photo: Matt A.J. via Flickr

Covering Health will have more about the election of Donald J. Trump as U.S. president but we start with some links about Trump and his positions on health care, especially the Affordable Care Act, which he says he will repeal. Continue reading

Comparing the party platforms on health care: Democrats

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Photo: Joseph Shemuel via Flickr

Photo: Joseph Shemuel via Flickr

This is part two of our look at what the Republican and Democratic party platforms say about health care issues and their related entitlements. We previously posted on the Republican platform, and today will highlight the Democrat’s document.

As earlier noted, I decided to include significant chunks of the actual documents, as their choice of words, phrases and emphasis can be more illuminating than any summary I could produce. An example: “Democrats believe that health care is a right, not a privilege, and our health care system should put people before profits.” Continue reading

Clinton’s ambitious mental health reform plan faces severe shortage of specialists

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Photo: Matt A.J. via Flickr

Photo: Matt A.J. via Flickr

Hillary Clinton this week unveiled a comprehensive plan to reform how mental health care is delivered in this country. While it calls for addressing many of the most serious problems in the behavioral health care system, it could be hampered – at least initially – by a severe shortage of mental health professionals at all levels (map as of 2014).

To address that problem, the plan calls for increasing reimbursement for collaborative care (where mental health professionals work with medical providers) in Medicare and Medicaid Continue reading