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Covering the reasons why hospitals struggle to retain nurses

Photo by RODNAE Productions via pexels.

The COVID pandemic drew public attention to an issue already well known in health care circles: the challenges hospitals face in retaining their nursing staff, which can affect medical care. Research shows lower nurse-patient ratios mean better patient outcomes, journalist Sarah DiGregorio explained in a Sept. 28 AHCJ webinar. DiGregorio reviewed some of the key research she found in reporting for her forthcoming book, “Taking Care: The Revolutionary Story of Nursing,” due out in May. 

To help reporters dig into this issue, this blog post contains a brief background section and then provides links and summaries of a few studies and then a resources section.

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Resources for covering the 2022-23 flu season

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch: via pexels

It may seem a bit like the boy who cried wolf, but public health officials are once again urging the public to be concerned about a “twindemic” of COVID-19 and flu this coming winter.

The reason: A combination of a tough flu season in the southern hemisphere, the end of pandemic social distancing and masking behaviors, and the potential for another SARS-CoV-2 variant, experts say.

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Why hospital charity care requires more intensive coverage

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Multiple reports published this week show why health care journalists need to spend more time covering the charity care that nonprofit hospitals are required to deliver to patients but mostly fail to provide.

Each report cited below outlines how to cover this important story on hospital care and how the nation’s health care system so often fails to deliver equitable care to low-income Americans.

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Libraries as a mental health haven?

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Several years ago, I recall talking to a New York friend about how awestruck I was that my hometown library had put out a welcome mat, if you will, to homeless people. 

‘As long as you’re not a disruption, the librarians are cool with you being there. That would never happen in New York.’ I’d said that of the Central Arkansas Public Library’s main branch, one of my favorite haunts (especially now that I spend more time in my southern home than my northern one). 

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New report looks at strategies to support family caregivers

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via pexels

The Administration for Community Living’s (ACL) new groundbreaking National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers, marks the first time the federal government has collaborated with the private sector to address the longstanding national need for a comprehensive system of family caregiver support.

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