AHCJ’s new patient safety core topic leader to bring resources to colleagues

Kerry Dooley Young

Kerry Dooley Young

Kerry Dooley Young, an independent journalist based in Washington, D.C., will lead AHCJ’s core topic on patient safety.

She will be guiding AHCJ members to the resources they need to cover the many aspects of patient safety through blog posts, tip sheets, articles and other material. The core topic area of healthjournalism.org features a glossary, a more lengthy explanation of key concepts, shared wisdom from other reporters, story ideas and more.

She will write tip sheets and background briefs, ask other journalists to share their experiences, host webcasts and curate lists of resources for journalists. Her blog posts for Covering Health will recognize important reporting on patient safety topics, including overtreatment.

Young writes about the practice of medicine, research, Medicare payment policies and congressional health politics. Her work has been published in Medscape Medical News, MD Edge, CQ Researcher and The Journalist’s Resource, among other outlets.

The patient safety core topic resources are made possible by support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, based in Palo Alto, Calif., which has a profound interest in this area.

Patient safety is a topic among an expanding list of health and health care-related core topics that AHCJ believes will help health journalists master the beat they cover.

If you have suggestions for Young, questions or resources you’d like to share, please send them to patientsafety@healthjournalism.org.

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