AHCJ freelancers contribute to new book on science writing

Several AHCJ members are part of a new book, “The Craft of Science Writing,” which was published at the beginning of February. The 300-pager, available for $10 as an ebook and $25 as a paperback, is a collection of articles from The Open Notebook, which covers the stories behind science writing.

Among the more than 35 contributors, AHCJ members include Christie Aschwanden, Jeanne Erdmann and Kendall Powell. You’ll also recognize The Open Notebook editor Siri Carpenter, Washington Post health editor Laura Helmuth, New York Times columnist Carl Zimmer, and many more.

The book is organized into five themes:

  1. Who is a science journalist and how do you become one?
  2. What makes a science story and how do you find one?
  3. How do you report a science story?
  4. How do you tell your story?
  5. How do you build expertise in science writing?

The essays also offer advice about how to pitch stories, evaluate scientific and statistical claims, report on controversial topics, and engage readers with a scientific story. Carpenter, the book’s editor, chatted with me about what inspired the book and what else readers will find inside.

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