Politico reporter goes to Europe to discover EHR problems similar to home

Photo: Blake Facey via Flickr

There’s a lot of talk these days about European-style universal health care and what U.S. adoption of something similar would look like. But what happens when European countries implement U.S.-style health information technology?

That’s what Arthur Allen, a health care editor at Politico, uncovers in a two-part series that took him to Denmark and the United Kingdom.  Allen was one of four veteran journalists selected for the inaugural 2019 AHCJ International Health Study Fellowship, which provided funding and support for the series.

Arthur Allen

Arthur Allen

Allen found a ‘”Balkanized mess” in the U.K. that he attributes to lack of interoperability and growing physician burnout in Denmark after some hospitals implemented a leading U.S. electronic health record system.

In a new Q&A, Allen shares his reporting process for overseas trips and why he thinks it’s important for health care journalists to pay attention to health IT.

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