The Daily Yonder offers well-reported insights into rural health

Joanne Kenen

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Photo: Courtesy of Trahant ReportsMark Trahant of Trahant Reports is one of several contributors to the Daily Yonder.

For those of you who report on rural health care – or just want to learn more about rural health care beyond the opioid crisis – meet the Daily Yonder.

It is a mix of reporting, political analysis, op-eds and commentary on rural America. It is not specifically a health care publication, but it offers a generous amount of health news and relevant food coverage (like this interesting piece on food stamps and the economics of rural groceries).

It also covers the intersection of tech and health (or in this case lack of an intersection – those of us who do not live in rural America may not realize how limited broadband access is.) Some of the articles explain what federal policies, or proposed policies such the various recent ACA repeal bills, would mean for rural Americans – both those who can’t afford care and those who can afford it but would still have trouble accessing it under some of the proposed scenarios. Other stories describe more local health issues.

Here are just a few stories that stood out over the last couple of weeks. (I haven’t included any about the specific repeal bills as they are dead for the moment).

The Daily Yonder is published by the nonprofit Center for Rural Strategies, which is based in Whitesburg, Ky., and Knoxville, Tenn. Its founders and editors have backgrounds in small town mostly southern journalism. The site is a font of background, insights and ideas.

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