Covering anesthesia use in dental procedures for children

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Photo by Royal Navy Media Archive via Flickr

Photo by Royal Navy Media Archive via Flickr

In the wake of the Dallas Morning News’ seven-part “Deadly Dentistry” series, Texas media outlets are now following the story of yet another child left dead after a dental visit.

Daisy Lynn Torres suffered complications from anesthesia while undergoing a procedure in an Austin dental office last spring, a medical examiner recently concluded, according to the Austin American-Stateman.

Now the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners has opened an investigation into the death of the 14-month old girl.

Meanwhile a forensic dental examiner who reviewed Daisy’s records at the request of the medical examiner’s office raised questions about whether the child even needed treatment in the first place.

Brooks Egerton

Brooks Egerton

Brooks Egerton, who left the Dallas Morning News in a newsroom buyout since the publication of “Deadly Dentistry” late last year has been following the coverage.

In a new Q&A for AHCJ, he reflected on the death and offered advice on how reporters should approach these stories.

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