Use site’s data on silver plans on state, D.C. exchanges

Want to know everything about premiums, networks, deductibles, cost-sharing and out-of-pocket limits for all 7,000-plus silver plans on exchanges in every state and Washington, D.C.? Well, now you can have it.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Breakaway Policy Strategies have created a unique dataset that you can access for free. (It can be viewed in Excel, too.) Breakaway also has done an 8-page report identifying some of the key findings in the data.

The material will let you spot national trends, see how your state is like or unlike other states, or see what variety of plans your state is offering, and what may have to change for next year. It also gives some details about what is or is not counted toward the deductible – which, as we’ve noted before, is not always straightforward.

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