Wanted: Other ways to say ‘implementation’

Health care journalists need synonyms for ‘implementation’

With the re-election of Barack Obama, the march toward implementing health care reform will continue. But @JoanneKenen, AHCJ’s topic leader on health reform, noted that what health care journalists need now are synonyms for "implementation."

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what health care journalists need now: synonyms for "implementation." #hcr #obamacare #acaJoanne Kenen
@charlesornstein @JoanneKenen Synonyms for implementation: enact, adopt, phase in, begin, launch, install, put in place, kickstart.Jordan Rau
Execution? RT @charlesornstein: RT @JoanneKenen: what health care journalists need now: synonyms for "implementation." #hcr #obamacare #acaKristen Hallam
@kristen_hallam @charlesornstein hmmm. Execution might be a Dem synonym but a GOP antonym….#hcrJoanne Kenen
next..GOP antonyms MT @jordanrau: @charlesornstein Synonyms 4 implement: enact, adopt, phase in, launch, install, put in place kickstart…Joanne Kenen
@JoanneKenen "putting into practice" … "carry out" … What else, folks? Synonyms for "implementation." #hcr #obamacare #acaCarla K. Johnson
@joannekenen @charlesornstein Hard to find a neutral synonym. Fulfillment, also problematic. Let’s invent a new word! ACAzation.Kristen Hallam

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