Recognizing best health journalism can be inspiring


One of the best things about working at AHCJ is the chance to see the broad range of really strong coverage our members produce.

Whether I’m reading stories about the ways money influences how medicine is practiced, uncovering the mistreatment of vulnerable people, looking at how pollution is affecting public health or investigating flawed health care systems, I am consistently awed by the work health journalists are doing.

I have the opportunity to see this work day in and day out, which is what helps keep me optimistic about the future of journalism. No doubt, we face many challenges, but take a look at the winners of last year’s Awards for Excellence in Health Care Journalism and I promise you will feel better about our business.

That’s why I want to encourage everyone to submit entries for this year’s contest. We re-vamped the categories this year to reflect changes in how news content is being delivered. We recognize that great reporting is being done across platforms and through new partnerships and collaborations.

We want to honor that reporting and make sure the rest of the world sees the value in independent, quality coverage of health and health care issues. Please consider entering your best work of 2011 and encourage your colleagues to do so as well so we can share it and we can learn from it.

Entries must be submitted by 5 p.m. ET this Friday, Feb. 3. Our online entry system makes it easier than ever and our contest committee is standing by to answer last-minute questions.

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