Interactive models make anatomy accessible


The body imaging folks over at GE Healthymagination have teamed with Healthline networks to put together Healthline BodyMaps, a user-friendly human body navigation tool. It allows users to view a model of a male or female body in three dimensions and numerous layers (think “muscles” or “circulatory system”), and to identify specific body parts and relevant information.

This new toy isn’t as robust as Google body, a product the search behemoth rolled out late last year, but it is somewhat more accessible. Unlike Google’s product, which is fully 3D modeled using the emergent WebGL standard which calls for the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox, while BodyMaps uses Adobe’s almostomnipresent Flash player. Its models are more limited, but also easier to navigate.

Both tools can be used to identify and link to specific body parts, which will come in handy when adding context to certain stories, but neither are embeddable enough to provide in-story illustration.

(Hat tip to ReadWriteWeb’s Curt Hopkins)

healthlinebodymapsHuman female musculature on Healthline BodyMaps
googlebodyHuman female musculature on Google body

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Andrew Van Dam