Holtz prescribes behavior modification for ‘White Coat Myopia’


Every year end brings a flood of stories about the “Top Medical Breakthroughs.” Over the rest of the year there is no shortage of front page headlines announcing new drugs, devices and clinical trial results.Overcoming 'white coat myopia'

But independent journalist Andrew Holtz, a member of AHCJ’s board of directors, thinks the intensive cultivation of medical news reports leaves fertile acreage of health stories untilled.

If you expand your perspective from a narrow focus on medical interventions, you will find studies, policies and events that relate to health in ways that connect directly to the daily lives of many more people.

In this article, he suggests fresh stories and approaches to health coverage for the new year, with plenty of resources to help you stick to a resolution of powerful, relevant health coverage. (Note: This article is one of the many resources and benefits available exclusively to AHCJ members.)

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