ScienceBlogs reverses course, evicts Pepsi blog

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PZ Myers of the Pharyngula blog on ScienceBlogs reports that Seed CEO and editor-in-chief Adam Bly has sent a letter to its bloggers saying that the PepsiCo blog that caused a number of high-profile bloggers to flee the site has been removed.

Myers quotes from the e-mail:

We apologize for what some of you viewed as a violation of your immense trust in ScienceBlogs. Although we (and many of you) believe strongly in the need to engage industry in pursuit of science-driven social change, this was clearly not the right way.

Bly continues, asking questions about how to better include industry-funded scientists in social media and the ongoing public health discussions that take place in the online community.


PepsiCo sparks controversy on ScienceBlogs

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