Pharma starts disclosing sample numbers


The Health Policy law will require drug makers to disclose the amounts of free samples they distribute, a requirement which promises to shed light on a practice whose scope could previously only be estimated. The Wall Street Journal‘s Jared Favole has found some preliminary disclosures; the resulting numbers can be found in the graph below. The numbers should only be treated as the roughest of estimates, as some companies disclosed the market value of the drugs while others gave wholesale numbers. Likewise, some measured the number of samples based on the number of doses, while others counted larger units. samples1 Samples, Favole writes, are a key weapon in pharma’s war against generics as they can be a gateway to brand-name medicines.

A 2008 study in the Southern Medical Journal found that doctors in a clinic were more than three times more likely to prescribe generic medications to uninsured patients after drug samples were removed from that clinic. “Free drug samples may lead to higher costs for uninsured patients by encouraging physicians to write prescriptions for brand-name drugs only,” the study said.

A PDF of that study can be found here.

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