Public health loses leading blogger

Revere, the pseudonym behind the leading public health blog EffectMeasure, has announced that (he/she/they) will be hanging up the tri-cornered hat and passing the baton to The Pump Handle. While we have nothing but respect for The Pump Handle’s work, it’s sad to see Revere go. Revere’s farewell post has already attracted 85 comments, and AHCJ board member Maryn McKenna posted a eulogy on her SuperBug blog:

For more than 5 years now, Revere (a collective voice of an unknown number of public health experts — for simplicity, let’s say “he”) has been a reliable, thoughtful, expert, humorous and deeply knowledgeable guide to the intricacies of public health and public health politics.  …  And though few would admit it, Revere’s posts have been consistent agenda-setters in newsrooms all across the planet; insiders knew that, if Revere said something, it would start showing up in newspapers and on wires about 12 hours later.

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