Lieberman picks apart Baucus changes

In her latest post on, AHCJ immediate past president Trudy Lieberman picks apart the Baucus bill, with a special focus on the Montana senator’s latest changes. Lieberman pays special attention to Baucus’ concessions, and takes care to point out exactly who benefits and how.

Her assessment of the bill’s provision insurers to vary rates based on age (within limits) is particularly incisive:

In exchange for issuing policies to sick people, insurers get to jack up premiums for older people, a kind of proxy for medical underwriting. Baucus essentially allows companies to charge older people more for their coverage. Initially, he wanted to charge them five times more than a younger person, but now he suggests letting them charge four times more. A 58-year-old, for example, who has lost employer coverage and is struggling to pay the premiums for an individual policy may not see that as much of a gift.

1 thought on “Lieberman picks apart Baucus changes

  1. Kurt Ullman

    Older people use more insurance than younger people. Period. Exclamation point. Unless you allow some differences by age, then all you are doing is another generational wealth transfer from the young to the old. This will exacerbated by the larger Boomer and near Boomer population.

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