Former Cigna exec continues speaking out

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We’ve written before about Wendell Potter, the former public relations executive at Cigna, and how he is speaking out about the health care system and its “cartel of large for-profit insurers.”

Now you can see him speak his mind in a 36-minute interview with Bill Moyers. He discusses the lengths to which insurance companies go to increase profits by denying claims and purging their rolls of more expensive groups.


Wendell Potter

Photo: Center for Media and Democracy

When asked what to watch for as health care reform is discussed in the coming months, Potter says the insurance companies will “continue this charm offensive, until there’s actual legislative language. And what that means, of course, is that right now, you’re not really seeing the bills before the House and the Senate that will actually be voted on.”

He also notes that the special interests are sure to be heard from:

And the special interests will be attacking this or that. The AMA will be upset about something. The pharmaceutical industry will be upset about something. The insurance industry will not like this or that. It’s, you know, a lot of money is made in this country off sick people. And then you’ll start seeing a lot more of the behind-the-scenes attacks on this legislation, in an attempt to kill it. The status quo is what would work best for these industries.

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