Kleyman launches Generations Beat Online

When we posted back in January that, after 20 years at the American Society on Aging, journalist Paul Kleyman was joining New America Media, he hoped to reconstitute his Age Beat Online newsletter.

Paul Kleyman (Photo: Frank Klein)

Paul Kleyman (Photo: Frank Klein)

Well, he has instead launched “Generations Beat Online, the e-news of the Journalists Network on Generations.”

GBO includes information about news briefings, tips on sources and more. It will carry pieces about emerging views and resources on long-term care and caregiving by AHCJ member Eileen Beal.

Kleyman is associate director of the Ethnic Elders Newsbeat at NAM, so you can find news about ethnic elders and an elder news roundup on the site.

To subscribe, e-mail Kleyman at pkleyman@newamericamedia.org.

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  3. peg cruikshank

    I wondered where you are and now I know. Times article
    2/2.11 was excellent. I will cite it in talk next month at U of
    New Mexico,
    speaking gigs hard to find
    I retired last June
    Peg Cruikshank

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