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Getting patients home safely after a hospital stay

New America Media‘s Paul Kleyman explores the effects of hospitals cutting corners when it comes to patient transitions from hospital to home, a problem his sources call one of the biggest gaps in the health care system. Citing a widely reported 2009 New England Journal of Medicine article on preventable rehospitalizations, Kleyman explains why the current transition system is both expensive and broken, then chronicles the efforts of advocates and legislators to change the system or, at the very least, fill in the gaps.

Kleyman on the latest legislative attempt to change the system:

These findings led members of Congress to introduce the Medicare Transitional Care Act of 2009. According to the bill, “Insufficient communication among older adults, family caregivers and health care providers contribute to poor continuity of care, inadequate management of complex health care needs and preventable hospital admissions.” The Act would set up demonstration projects to test ways for improving patients’ continuity of care.

Kleyman, Varney recognized by NorCal SPJ

AHCJ members Paul Kleyman, the ethnic elders editor at New America Media, and Sarah Varney, of KQED-FM, were recently honored by the Northern California Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists in its 2009 Excellence in Journalism Awards.

Paul Kleyman (Photo: Frank Klein)

Paul Kleyman (Photo: Frank Klein)

Kleyman, who has dedicated much of his career to in-depth coverage of aging and the elderly, received the Distinguished Service Award. For more than 20 years, he served as editor of Aging Today, the newspaper of the American Society on Aging.

A frequent speaker on the coverage of aging, Kleyman founded and served as national coordinator for Journalists Exchange on Aging, a network of reporters covering aging and health care. The exchange, recently reorganized as the Journalists Network on Generations, delivers a weekly newsletter to 1,100 reporters nationwide.

Sarah Varney

Varney won the broadcast award in the investigative journalism category for “Chemicals at Home – Unknown Substitutes.”

According to SPJ, “Varney’s report revealed that a new state ban on phthalates, used for soft plastic children’s toys in particular, does not address the safety of the chemical substitutes that take their place – and companies aren’t required to identify them. Judges praised the report for embracing the medium of radio along with a subject matter that affects people profoundly.”

Kleyman launches Generations Beat Online

When we posted back in January that, after 20 years at the American Society on Aging, journalist Paul Kleyman was joining New America Media, he hoped to reconstitute his Age Beat Online newsletter.

Paul Kleyman (Photo: Frank Klein)

Paul Kleyman (Photo: Frank Klein)

Well, he has instead launched “Generations Beat Online, the e-news of the Journalists Network on Generations.”

GBO includes information about news briefings, tips on sources and more. It will carry pieces about emerging views and resources on long-term care and caregiving by AHCJ member Eileen Beal.

Kleyman is associate director of the Ethnic Elders Newsbeat at NAM, so you can find news about ethnic elders and an elder news roundup on the site.

To subscribe, e-mail Kleyman at pkleyman@newamericamedia.org.

Kleyman joins New America Media

After 20 years at the American Society on Aging, Paul Kleyman has left his editorship of Aging Today.

He has joined the staff of New America Media to help develop an age beat for ethnic media as associate director, elders newsbeat.

Paul Kleyman (Photo: Frank Klein)

Paul Kleyman (Photo: Frank Klein)

He says his team will be writing original stories, providing links and news digests, glossaries and more as part of the online news service for almost 3,000 ethnic media outlets.

“It’s an exciting and challenging move for me,” Kleyman says. He adds that, because the Journalists Exchange on Aging is an independent entity, he hopes to reconstitute his Age Beat Online newsletter soon.