Resources for covering flu and pandemics (#swineflu)

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As journalists may be preparing to cover the outbreak of swine flu that has been identified in Mexico and the United States, AHCJ has some resources to offer.

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The Next Big (Health) Crisis – And How to Cover It: AHCJ cosponsored a 2006 conference at Harvard about news coverage of the next big health crisis, with a focus on the emergence of the next influenza pandemic. The event, presented by the Nieman Foundation and sponsored by the Dart Foundation, AHCJ and the National Center for Critical Incident Analysis, brought journalists together with scientists, public health officials, medical experts, academic researchers, law enforcement officers, public policy experts, and Homeland Security officials to talk about how best to prepare for the possible arrival of pandemic flu.

Avian and pandemic influenza tip sheet: While this tip sheet deals mainly with bird flu, it does have important information about controlling and preparing for pandemic flu.

Avian and pandemic flu resources: Includes conference presentations by health experts about flu and preparing for disasters.

Check back for more resources – we are in the process of reviewing and compiling what we have available.


A more complete list of resources for reporters is now available on the AHCJ Web site.

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